Bespoke Glass Wipe Board

Bespoke Boards

Whether in a professional, educational, or home environment, sometimes generic glass wipe boards just won’t cut it. For this reason, we offer bespoke dry wipe boards at Simply Glass Wipe Boards, so you don’t have to settle for anything less than perfection. From colourful custom dry wipe boards to weekly planner wipe boards, we offer an endless range of solutions to suit your environment’s requirements.

Moreover, we can provide a flexible service with a 10-working-day lead time. Meanwhile, our products are manufactured in the UK using our extensive expertise to create quality solutions. Discover more about her bespoke boards below

Bespoke Boards

Glass Boards Of Any Size

As standard, we offer 20 sizes; however, if none suits your requirements, you don’t have to lower your expectations. Simply pop us a message, and we’ll be able to craft a board just for you, no matter how big or small! The size is just one of the aspects we can tailor to meet your expectations.

Colours To Match Your Brand

Coloured glass writable wall coverings and bespoke glass walls are another product line we offer. Glass writable walls are a ground-breaking product, opening up many possibilities for interior designers and architects in commercial and domestic environments. For example, they are a stylish and practical alternative to traditional whiteboards.

As part of our glass installation expertise, we have designed and installed colour-backed glass panels in nightclubs, hotels, retail, and domestic environments. In addition, we can provide these products as custom services, either designed in-house or working with architects. Please get in touch with us for details.

Bespoke Boards
Bespoke Boards

Unique Shapes

Wipe boards are only square or rectangular, right? Wrong. We can craft our wipe boards into different shapes depending on your vision. Perhaps you’d prefer something rounder or even a waved edge? We’re always keen to deliver something unique, so get in touch to learn what we can do for you.

Bespoke Glass Planner Boards

You can’t go wrong with a weekly wipe board planner when planning and organising. For this reason, we also provide bespoke weekly planners and dry wipe boards. These are ideal for offices, classrooms, and homes to keep everything in order. Allow Simply Glass Wipe Boards to be your organisation partner.

Bespoke Boards
Bespoke Boards

Custom Logos and Images

Your identity can’t be underestimated whether you’re a business or an educational organisation. Consequently, we can incorporate your logo or images into your chosen design. Provide us with the information we need to make the magic happen and bring your wipe board vision to life.

Find the Best Bespoke Solutions with Simply Glass Wipe Boards

Our bespoke offerings set us apart from other glass wipe board manufacturers across the UK. Fill in the from below or contact us to discover what we can do for you.

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