Modern Clear Glass Wipe Boards for Stylish Spaces

A High-Quality and Durable Finish

Here at Simply Glass Wipe Boards, we manufacture some of the best clear whiteboards on the market. A high-quality and durable finish is the goal when it comes to producing our transparent whiteboards, and we make this possible through the implementation of toughened safety glass. Our boards you can write on are ideal for constructing an interactive experience for all manner of individuals in a wide array of locations.

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Modern Clear Glass Wipe Boards for Stylish Spaces

Feel free to contact us regarding bespoke glass wall panels if the above dimensions don’t suit your unique environment.

Our Range of Available Whiteboard Glass Sizes

You can purchase a clear board to write on in as many as 20 sizes. Tracking down the most suitable wipe boards needn’t be a problem with the help of Simply Glass Wipe Boards.

One thing that sets us apart from other wipe board retailers is the fact that we also offer bespoke options. Therefore, finding the ideal glass board for writing couldn’t be simpler, whether one of our standard sizes suits you or not.

Our standard sizes include:

A3 A2 A1 A0
800mm x 600mm 1000mm x 800mm 1000mm x 900mm 1000mm x 1000mm
1000mm x 1100mm 1200mm x 900mm 1200mm x 1000mm 1200mm x 1100mm
1500mm x 1000mm 1500mm x 1200mm 1800mm x 1000mm 1800mm x 1200mm
2000mm x 1000mm 2200mm x 1000mm 2000mm x 1200mm 2200mm x 1200mm


Ideal for Home, School or Business Use

The beauty of clear glass wipe boards is that they can be used in all manner of settings, including the home, schools, and offices.

Your home may not spring to mind when considering where you’d place whiteboard glass; however, there is a multitude of advantages that wipe boards can bring to domestic settings. For instance, busy families may need somewhere to meal plan, or ambitious kids may benefit from a reward/chore chart. On top of maintaining organisation, wipe boards are also ideal for encouraging the little ones to do their best at all times. All in all, Simply Glass Wipe Boards can make your life a lot easier.

A blackboard or wipe board is something that is reminiscent of school life; however, these solutions have become more advanced over time. Any primary classroom requires a glass whiteboard, clear or colourful, to engage children of all ages so they’re able to achieve greatness.

In addition to this, our clear glass whiteboards are also ideal additions to secondary schools, colleges, and even university lecture halls. We all remember how taxing student life can be, which is why it’s vital to provide visual aids to assist engagement and facilitate great results.

Modern Clear Glass Wipe Boards for Stylish Spaces

Finally, wipe boards are perfect for the enablement of staff interaction in offices, resulting in optimised employee engagement. This is particularly effective during lengthy meetings that may not always be based on the most riveting of topics. Consequently, wipe boards are perfect for capturing the attention of audiences of any kind.


In addition to the unmatched quality of our clear glass wipe boards, we also promise the following:

  • Toughened safety glass that adheres to the European Standard EN12150 Class 1
  • A composition of 25% recycled glass
  • No ghosting or staining, our boards maintain their clarity
  • A 10-working-day manufacturing time
  • Aluminium standing mounts that enable smooth installation
  • Free delivery

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Our clear glass wipe boards are available to order here. Alternatively,  contact us regarding any questions about our bespoke solutions and product range. Our expert team is on hand to assist you with any concerns or queries. We look forward to hearing from you.