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High-quality, durable finish

Here at Simply Glass Wipe Boards, we offer an array of coloured glass magnetic whiteboards. In order to achieve a high-quality and durable finish, we bake the colour onto the rear face of premium toughened safety glass. As a result, you can use dry-wipe markers and erasers to create an interactive experience wherever you are.

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Available Colours

Our solutions are available in a multitude of colours, with cream, white, black, purple, blue, green, grey, orange, pink, red, and yellow magnetic boards on offer. This is a rarity when it comes to magnetic wipe boards as you’re often presented with white alone.

Despite this, it’s scientifically proven that colours can impact our thoughts and feelings. This is an important factor to consider when it comes to such an interactive product, as the colour will affect how someone perceives what is being presented.

For instance, red invokes excitement, orange rouses confidence, yellow triggers creativity, green provokes freshness, blue invites trust, pink evokes compassion, purple incites passion, black displays formality, and white conveys simplicity. As a result, you can select a shade that caters to your audience.

Potential Uses

Home, school or business

Whether you’re in a home, educational, or professional setting, our magnetic dry wipe boards in the UK are ideal.

In the home, you can write out shopping lists, detail meal plans, make chore/reward charts, and much more. This is a great way to keep organised and also engage kids in their responsibilities. Every parent knows what a challenge this is, so why not make your life that much easier with a magnetic white board?

From home to the classroom, we all remember sitting in front of a whiteboard in school. Despite this, just imagine how much more engaging these lessons would be with a coloured magnetic board. Children in particular are stimulated by certain colours, making our boards the ideal accompaniments to any learning environment.

These magnetic boards needn’t be enjoyed by children alone; they can also be implemented in secondary schools, colleges, and university lecture theatres. Life as a student can be exhausting, and you can make that engagement a little bit easier with the help of Simply Glass Wipe Boards.

Finally, capturing the attention of many during a board meeting can be difficult, to say the least. Just think about what an interactive quality could bring to your team meetings. Visual aids are vital when it comes to maintaining the attention of others, so look no further than a Simply Glass Wipe Board.

Why Buy from Simply Glass Wipe Boards?

In addition to our quality solutions, we also offer:

  • Free delivery
  • A 10-working-day manufacturing time
  • Toughened safety glass that adheres to the European Standard En12150 Class 1
  • Aluminium fixing mounts or invisible split batten style rail fixings
  • Solutions made from 25% recycled glass

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You can purchase any of our colour glass magnetic glass wipe boards here. Alternatively, you can contact us with any queries regarding our product range or our bespoke solutions. We look forward to hearing from you.