Clearance Wipe Boards

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Clearance Item

This is a new, unused glass wipe board. Fixings are as described and not changeable. Small imperfections may be present on the face of the board.


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Clearance Item

Snap up this limited stock opportunity to order a glass wipe board directly from our factory, and we will dispatch it to you within 48 hours. The product itself is manufactured using toughened safety glass that adheres to the European Standard EN12150 Class 1, incorporating 25 per cent recycled glass.

Invisible Fixings or Stand Off Fixings on Wipe Boards

A choice of different fixings on the wipe board allow it to be fitted to walls wherever you need it.

Ideal for the Work Environment

In the work environment, the versatility of our wipe boards makes them an ideal focus for meetings, brainstorming, lessons and seminars. Not only can you write on them using non-permanent whiteboard markers, but they are also magnetic, allowing you to create vision boards and mind maps integrating physical items to help mark out pathways and creative roadmaps.

The Central Focus of Communication for Busy Households

The board is also an ideal addition to any busy household. With the comings and goings of adults and children alike, keeping track of everyone’s movements can be a minefield. Installing a white glass wipe board in the hub of a house can be used as the main point of communication over and above a family WhatsApp group.

Using our Simply Glass magnetic coloured skittles, the wipe board is the perfect space to store important documents, such as invoices that need paying, interesting leaflets and receipts. You can also build weekly shopping lists that everyone can add to during the course of the week as they walk past.

It’s also great for writing small messages of love and endearment to help the busy days along!

Limited Stock Available

We have very limited stock left of discounted glass wipe boards of various sizes.  Take advantage of the last few we have available in our warehouse now.

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