Simply Glass Wipe Boards is renowned for its high quality, highly durable magnetic whiteboards, manufactured using premium toughened safety glass.

For greater flexibility, the company offers a smaller, handheld desktop version. Available in more practical A3 or A4 sizes, these magnetic whiteboards are ideal for a number of different applications, in more intimate seminars and workshops, and for team-building activities or more individual coaching.

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Due to the company’s unique process, which bakes colour onto the rear of the toughed glass, Simply Glass is able to offer the desktop glass boards in a range of different colours to bring life and vibrancy to your workshops.

Our standard colours include two shades of blue, grey, black, red, purple, pink, green, orange, yellow, and cream. If you can’t find the colour you want we can paint to almost any colour you’d like with our colour matching sergice, the range of colours gives greater flexibility in terms of organising your presentations, motivating, and incentivising teamwork, completing group exercises, and splitting up subject matters.

Whether you use the larger A3 magnetic whiteboard for group presentations or the smaller handheld A4 magnetic whiteboard for group exercises, the learning experience is lifted and enhanced to greater levels for an overall improved user participation.

Potential Uses


Brainstorming takes on a whole new meaning when you use our Simply Glass desktop magnetic wipe boards.

Whether doing a class exercise in school or conceptualising the next ‘BIG THING’ at work, our premium wipe boards give you the space and flexibility to craft ideas and map your mind in a smaller, more intimate group setting.

Both the A3 and the A4 whiteboards are fitted with clear acrylic stands, which fold away when not in use. The stands create a firm support for the whiteboards when writing on them. Despite being manufactured with toughened glass, they are light and portable and can be handheld if required when presenting your thoughts.

As well as being great for the school or work setting, these handheld dry wipe boards are brilliant in the home.

They can be strategically placed in busy areas as a noticeboard for all the family to see – a depository for important messages, items to add to the shopping list, must-do chores for the weekend, and temporary telephone numbers on weekends away. Your wipe board can become the hub of the family’s communication portal – and with an array of colours to choose from, you can get away from the more work-like feeling of a whiteboard.


Why Buy from Simply Glass Wipe Boards?


Service is at the heart of everything we do.

As well as helping you choose the best dry erase board solution for your specific needs, we also offer:

    • Free delivery on all orders.
    • A 10-working-day lead time
    • A product that incorporates toughed glass that adheres to European Standard EN12150 Class 1.
    • Products manufactured from 25% recycled glass
    • Aluminium fixing mounts or invisible split batten style rail fixings for those boards which need to be wall mounted.

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You can order any of our white or colour glass magnetic desktop wipe boards here. Alternatively, contact us directly with any queries regarding the full product range and Simply Glass bespoke solutions.