If one thing is certain, it’s that productivity in an office environment is essential. While various measures can be employed to generate and bolster productivity, a magnetic dry wipe board is one of the simplest and most affordable means of doing so. Although it may not sound like much, incorporating a dry wipe magnetic board into the office could completely innovate the collaborative approach.

Detailed below are just some of the ways a dry wipe board in the office can make a world of difference.

Collaborative Brainstorming

One thing that allows a company to propel forwards is collaborative brainstorming. Every employee will bring ideas that are unique to everyone else’s, and pooling these together is one of the best ways of assuring success. The beauty of dry wipe boards is that they relieve some pressure when it comes to brainstorming. Instead of everyone having to sit in one area for a dedicated amount of time to come up with ideas, employees can add their input at any time. This allows for spontaneous suggestions, which are often the best ones.

Dry Wipe Board in the Office

Brainstorming on the Go

As previously mentioned, the best ideas come to mind when you’re not intentionally trying to think of them. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a desktop dry wipe board on hand for any thoughts that come to mind. From this, when it comes to a brainstorming session, everyone will already have a handful of ideas that they’ve collated throughout the week on their desktop dry wipe board.

Keeping Ideas and Goals Focused

Whether it’s a large collaborative dry wipe board in the office or a personal desktop one, wipe boards allow us to focus our ideas and goals. If the company has a communal goal that it wants everyone to focus on, this can be placed on the large office wipe board. Additionally, employees will each have their own personal goals, which they can note down on their desktop wipe board to keep them on the right track.

Dry Wipe Board in the Office

Project Management

When it comes to meetings and collaborative projects, keeping everyone engaged can be a tricky task. One thing that’s proven to assist collaborative engagement is a collective visual aid. This is especially helpful if the visual aid is colourful, making it more appealing to look at. That said, the days of only white wipe boards are gone, with bright colours such as blue, grey, black, red, purple, pink, green, orange, yellow, and cream being readily available. This is especially helpful to companies with a brand colour, as they’ll be able to keep in with the theme of the rest of the office via their chosen dry wipe board.

Wall-Mounted, Freestanding, or Portable

Regardless of the office’s needs, there’s a dry wipe board to suit. Whether it needs to be fixed in one place, wheeled about the office, or sat on someone’s desk, you’re good to go.

Dry Wipe Board in the Office

Unmatched Versatility

Once upon a time, dry wipe boards were simply something that could be written on and wiped clean. Today, it’s a completely different ballgame. Many dry wipe boards are now equipped with a magnetic surface, allowing you to pin notes on the board. Similarly, various accessories are available, including hooks, clips, and clamps, providing you with various methods of displaying things.

Shared Schedules

Organising meetings or collaborative projects can be a nightmare when taking everyone’s schedule into account. That’s where dry wipe boards come in to solve this issue. For instance, dry wipe boards with daily planners printed on them are available. These would allow everyone to note down what they’re doing for the day, making it much easier to find a time when everyone’s free.

Daily Reminders

Ensuring you’re on top of everything from a professional perspective can be a tricky task. You’re likely being told a million different things daily, and remembering every single one of them is nearly impossible. In order to solve this issue, a large wipe board could have all collective reminders listed on it, while desktop wipe boards could be used to record personal reminders. All in all, dry wipe boards are the ultimate organisational tools.

Environmental Impact

Last but not least, dry wipe boards can help a company improve their environmental impact. Many employees turn to their notebooks and diaries to keep track of things, using copious amounts of paper. Moreover, it’s difficult to monitor whether this paper is being recycled by each employee, making it almost impossible for companies to operate in a completely green manner. Dry wipe boards, on the other hand, can be used time and time again, allowing employees to note down any reminders but refrain from clogging up the wastepaper bin.

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Dry Wipe Board in the Office