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Simply Glass Craft Board

Cutting, gluing, painting, sticking, heating, pinning… anyone who spends their hours creating and crafting knows that the surface you work on needs to be tough and durable. Simply Glass has developed Craft Glass Board – a large glass cutting mat that is perfect for those who want a strong, clean, blemish-free yet wholly versatile work surface.

This long-lasting, tempered glass mat is safe and convenient for anyone to use – at home, in schools, in workshops, and in design studios – protecting existing surfaces to provide greater flexibility of use. It incorporates a number of vital features that are in constant use by crafters and artists.

A Versatile Solution

The craft board is ideal for individuals and organisations who are involved in crafting and creativity. Whether you are someone who is passionate about crafting, an artist, or a teacher working in art and media, this craft board is perfect for you. For those working in textiles, as quilters, dressmakers or tailoring, the glass craft board provides you with a smooth, clean, blemish-free working surface. Custom orders can be taken for sizes to suit large groups of people in education or professional situations.


This glass mat crafting board offers many features that will give you space and versatility for working.

The Craft Board is a tempered glass mat, which means it is manufactured using durable toughened glass that is resistant to breaking, and cracking, leaving you with a smooth, clean surface for working. It can also be cleaned with tough solvents without affecting its integrity, allowing you to remove the toughest of paint and glue stains.

• A unique magnetic function means you can secure papers or textiles while working, giving you greater flexibility while designing and creating.
• The glass mat incorporates a handy angle finder so that you can quickly and easily make accurate cuts.
• 10mm grid lines have been printed onto the reverse side of the glass mat to guarantee their permanence.
• The entire perimeter of the glass mat is marked out in centimetres for instantly accessible measuring.
• The entire glass mat is dry wipe. It doesn’t absorb any inks or paints, so that you can be assured of a smooth, clean surface every time.
• The edges are polished so there are no sharp edges.
• A bright, white background highlights your work and gives you a much clearer working environment.

Essentials for Your Magnetic Glass Craft Board

To make the most of your brand new coloured magnetic glass board, you’ll need the right accessories to go with it. Fortunately, you can purchase a range of glass wipe board accessories right here on our website.

Manufacturing and Delivery

Our craft kits are manufactured from tempered glass cut to size in our dedicated glass cutting unit in Plymouth. Manufactured using 25 per cent recycled glass, the glass mats themselves are fully recyclable, though due to their durability, they are long-lasting and will not need to be replaced for many years. Currently, the glass mats are available in two sizes – 900mm x 600mm and 600mm x 350mm.

We also offer the following:
• Free delivery
• Toughened glass compliant with European Standards EN12150 Glass 1
• Bespoke sizes for custom orders
• Dispatched on a next-day courier within 48 hours of ordering.

Drop us a line if you would like more information or would like to discuss a bespoke order.

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