White Magnetic Glass Wipe Boards

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A protective seal that reduces Microbial properties and extends the life of surfaces.

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White Magnetic Glass Wipe Boards

White magnetic glass boards are the most popular, long lasting and funtioncal choice for most offices environments.  They have the  same high-quality finish expected with all our products with polished edges and sharp corners removed.  Our range of white magnetic boards represents our most popular product as a low cost.  Just like our colour, clear and frosted wall mounted boards, they are made from toughened safety glass and suitable for use with dry-wipe markers and our magentic accessories.

Other advantages of our white magnetic glass boards include:

  • Free delivery
  • A 10-working-day manufacturing time for smaller boards and 15-working day for larger boards
  • All boards are manufactured to order from toughened safety glass which conforms to all requirements of the European Standard En12150 Class 1
  • A magnetic function on all boards (note: suitably strong magnets must be used – see our accessories)
  • Invisible split batten style rail fixings for all boards.
  • All boards are manufactured using 25% recycled glass


22 Different Sizes

Every glass whiteboard in our collection is made with a magnetic function. This means you can easily attach notes, paperwork, and activities without any damage. No matter what your interior design preferences are, we have a wall-mounted whiteboard to suit your needs. This range has less customisable options but is that same high standard as all our glass boards.

We want to make sure that you find the right glass whiteboard, notice board for your space, which is why we offer 22 different sizes as standard. This means that you can easily find a solution amongst our selection of white magnetic glass boards, and you can order it within a few clicks.

If you can’t find the right option on our website, worry not. We also offer a bespoke glass whiteboard service, whereby you can order any size or shape glass wipe board.

Anti-Microbial Coating

Our Anti-microbial coating is a non-hazardous, water-based seal that protects your glass board.

It reduces Microbial properties by a massive 72.9% making it more hygienic.

Its long-lasting bond reduces cleaning cycles and reduces the need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning.

The coating safeguards the glass against wear and tear, extending the life of surfaces.

Lastly its environmentally friendly composition minimises its ecological footprint whilst maximising its impact on safety.

Essentials for Your Magnetic Glass Board

To make the most of your brand new magnetic glass whiteboard, you’ll need the right accessories to go with it. Fortunately, you can purchase a range of glass wipe board accessories right here on our website.

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