Frosted Glass Wipe Boards

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Frosted Glass Wipe Boards

Our entire range of high-quality glass wipe boards is manufactured in the UK from toughened safety glass and is perfect for presentations, work planners, and much more.

Added benefits include:

1. Free delivery

2. A quick manufacturing time of 10 working days

3. The use of toughened safety glass that ensures a high-quality finish that conforms to the European Standard En12150 Class 1

4. Aluminium standoff mounts for ease of installation

5. A composition that includes 25% recycled glass

Our frosted glass notice boards are not available with a magnetic function.

20 Different Sizes

It’s our mission to provide you with the best-suited frosted glass wipe board for you. Therefore, our selection is comprised of 20 different sizes, allowing you to locate the most appropriate solution for you within our varied collection.

Similarly, we understand that you might not be able to find a solution that adheres to your size requirements. In this instance, we can offer a bespoke frosted glass service that allows you to customise the shape and size to your needs.

Manufactured in the UK

We achieve such a high-quality and durable finish due to the use of toughened safety glass.

Each listed price of our products is excluding VAT; however, this will be added on the checkout page to your order total.

How much does my board weigh?

In order to calculate the weight of your board, you can follow a simple calculation. All you have to do is take the square meterage and multiply it by 15. For instance, a 1000mm by 1200mm board is 1.2m2, if you then multiply this by 15, the weight is 18kg. Boards weighing over 25kg can’t be offloaded by one person alone.

Free Shipping

For our standard 10 working day lead time, you won’t be charged a penny for delivery!

Express Five-Day Fulfilment

Unfortunately, this service isn’t yet available for frosted wipe boards.


Typically speaking, your delivery will be made via a next-day-delivery service with Parcelforce, although couriers may vary. Despite this, all couriers will adhere to the same system that means they won’t take goods into their installation location. Instead, your order will be delivered to your doorstep.

It’s not recommended that you commence installation work ahead of the receipt of your order. If you receive incorrect or damaged goods, you should notify us within two working days.

Frosted Glass Wipe Boards for Homes

Finding the right solution for your home couldn’t be easier with our vast selection of frosted glass wipe boards. Our products are transferrable to any home, allowing you to visually organise your life.

Frosted Glass Wipe Boards for Businesses

Long-winded meetings can be tiresome, so why not keep your employees engaged with fascinating visual aids? Our products are perfect for injecting some interactivity into meetings whilst adhering to your existing interior design style.

Frosted Glass Wipe Boards for Schools

Kids tend to be visual learners, so why not play into this through the use of frosted glass wipe boards? Adults and kids alike will be engaged in crucial lessons, resulting in optimal learning performance.

On top of this, our frosted glass wipe boards are easy to use and quick to clean, boasting convenience as well as enjoyment. Regardless of ability or age, our products are accessible for anyone, whether they’re sitting in a university lecture hall or a primary school classroom.

Size Guide

The sizes in our glass wipe board range.

Download our installation guide

Our boards are easy to install and with minimal tools required.

Accessories for Your Frosted Glass Board

To make the most of your brand new coloured magnetic glass board, you’ll need the right accessories to go with it. Fortunately, you can purchase a range of glass wipe board accessories right here on our website.

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