Everyone has their preferred working environment. Some like it to be orderly and meticulously organised – a tidy desk is a tidy mind. Others thrive in chaos, seeing beyond the mess as a way of reaching their own creativity and productivity levels.

However, there is one thing that brings all this into a single sharp focus for the benefit of the organisation as a whole – the whiteboard planner. No discerning business can function without this essential piece of office equipment. Despite the plethora of digital products available to keep work colleagues connected, a monthly planner whiteboard is a physical, tangible insight into daily activities that exists in your physical space in the same way as an additional employee.

How A Whiteboard Planner Can Improve your Workplace Productivity

So, How Can a Daily Planner Whiteboard Boost Productivity?

When it comes down to planning and achieving daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and targets, it is easy to be persuaded that powerful online digital tools have done away with the traditional whiteboard wall planner. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, in a world where we are so focused on being locked into screens to the detriment of any social interaction, the installation of a tangible calendar whiteboard can reunite and reconnect teams that are working together, yet rarely have an opportunity to collaborate.

A whiteboard wall planner provides that communal focus for a daily or weekly meeting. Targets gained and missed can be recorded in sight of everyone, and brainstorming carried out to elicit ideas and opinions on why certain actions have or have not worked.

Ideas can be physically worked through with pen in hand. For many people, keyboard proficiency does not exclude the creativity of the pen. Wielding a non-permanent marker pen can be akin to the stroke of a paintbrush, formulating ideas and innovations to help increase performance and overall productivity.

But Isn’t a Whiteboard Calendar Just That – A Very Large Calendar?

It might be a days of the week whiteboard, but it is more than just a calendar. Your whiteboard planner for the wall is a visual focus for all the different moving parts of your business’ activities. While digital products are brilliant for bringing together disparate elements of your business and comparing and contrasting them, sometimes you need to take this information and put it in a different environment to get a fresh perspective.

Your whiteboard planner gives you this freedom of perspective. And while each one of your work colleagues is privy to the same information, their different skill sets will interpret it in different ways, giving you a space to explore other options creatively and safely. Any data on a whiteboard planner can be erased and rewritten to help feed into that brainstorming without affecting existing digital data.

As you go along, a separate area on the whiteboard year planner can be set aside for agreed actions to be recorded. This visual representation of assigning tasks and projects ensures that everyone knows what they are doing, and what other people are doing, and that tasks or equitably divided out.

Days of the Week Whiteboard

We all know how the days and weeks can roll by so quickly that some tasks and targets can get lost. A days of the week whiteboard is an essential piece of equipment when it comes to highlighting important daily tasks in offices where teams are coming in and out all the time. As those tasks or targets are completed, they can be crossed off on a daily basis, giving a collective sense of achievement and accomplishment as people return to the office and see the ticked off list.

But as well as the different daily tasks that need to be achieved, it can also showcase the over-riding vision that your organisations hold for that week, month, or quarter. Maintaining a visual representation of your vision keeps hearts and minds focused on that goal – whether represented pictorially, though one word or phrase, or via a specific number which represents projected turnover, profit, or number of sales.

Use Your Monthly Whiteboard Planner for Daily Greetings and Messages

Nothing will get your team guessing more than what that day’s daily motivational message or quirky greeting may be. Injecting a bit of fun and frivolity (which can also contain a serious message) is perfectly conveyed through a whiteboard wall planner. Whether a quotation from a celebrity, philosopher, or business guru (or yourself) or a word of the day, or an uplifting comment on recent events, your whiteboard planner can become the conduit that brings your work colleagues together and motivated them each and every day.

Simply Glass has a range of whiteboard planner options and designs to suit a range of different business and learning environments. To discuss your individual organisation’s needs in more detail drop the company a line.