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A protective seal that reduces Microbial properties and extends the life of surfaces.

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Colour Glass Writing Boards on Wheels!


You can choose the colour of your Portrait Mobile Glass Wipe Board to suit your organisation’s own brand and personality, and the brighter colours can often lift the moods and add energy to the dullest of environments. Studies show how colour can stimulate the visual part of the brain and improves retention. The Vuontella study conducted in 1999 demonstrated how children remember colour cues better than visual ones.

This stimulation continues into adulthood – if you think about some of your favourite brands, you will recognise how they often make you feel (calm and relaxed, excited, inspired…)

Our portrait mobile glass wipe board is the perfect solution for those who need to make presentations in more than one room. Often, they can double up as mobile office screens, dividing up large office spaces, or separating teams who are working on different projects

Unlike a glass white board that is permanently fixed to a wall, the mobile version offers a flexibility of location and storage that responds to your individual needs. When not in use, they can be stored until next required.


Delivered in portrait format, the magnetic mobile whiteboards measures 1020mm x 1850mm, with a double sided writing surface of 1006mm x 1712mm.

They can be manufactured in a choice of 27 different colours which are baked onto the rear side of the premium toughened glass. All of our mobile boards are double sided so if you fill one side just spin it round and start again on a clean board.  Colours include two shades of blue, two pinks, red, black, green, orange, yellow and cream, as well as the traditional white.

There is the option of making either one or both sides of the glass writing surface magnetic to give additional functionality to the board.  Use with suitably strong magnetic accessories like those available in our products page.

The frame is manufactured in powder coated steel to a dark grey colour with four braked wheels.


Our coloured glass wipe boards have proved successful time and time again for schools and businesses making regular presentations in a non-fixed environment. We can now offer a mobile version for greater flexibility and increased use in any area of your building. Manufactured using premium toughened safety glass, this robust mobile dry wipe board is an exciting new product offering a flexible solution for organisations with limited space, or want to create a more interactive and mobile working space.


  • We offer free delivery and strive to ensure your order will arrive within 15 working days from placement of order.
  • All our glass white boards are manufactured with toughened safety glass that is manufactured to European Standard EN12150 Class 1.
  • The boards are made with 25 per cent recycled glass.
  • If you require a colour which is specific to your brand, please contact us direct and we will bespoke match it accordingly.

Accessories for Your Mobile Glass Board

To make the most of your brand new coloured magnetic glass board, you’ll need the right accessories to go with it. Fortunately, you can purchase a range of glass wipe board accessories right here on our website.

Anti-Microbial Coating

Our Anti-microbial coating is a non-hazardous, water-based seal that protects your glass board.

It reduces Microbial properties by a massive 72.9% making it more hygienic.

Its long-lasting bond reduces cleaning cycles and reduces the need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning.

The coating safeguards the glass against wear and tear, extending the life of surfaces.

Lastly its environmentally friendly composition minimises its ecological footprint whilst maximising its impact on safety.

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