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Marker Tray Hook Over

Improve the organisation and functionality of your glass wipe board with the addition of an aluminium marker tray hook. This essential accessory hooks over your wipe board, providing you with a convenient surface for placing any pens or erasers when not in use.

The Marker Tray Hook is an alternative, or addition, to the magnetic marker tray. While the magnetic marker tray can be secured along the bottom edge of your magnetic wipe board, the marker tray glass board hook sits along the top edge.

An Accessible and Convenient Storage Solution

You might also describe these hooks as marker rails or marker ledges. They provide an essential supporting role to those in full flow of a presentation or brainstorming session, providing an accessible and convenient place to put down a pen or eraser or to keep different pen colours ready for use when needed.

Whether you are working in an office environment, classroom or seminar, having all the equipment you need to hand is crucial when talking through often complex ideas and projects. Misplacing these vital yet simple pieces of equipment can interrupt the flow, which in turn can lead to losing the attention and concentration of your audience. So make sure you get your team into the habit of placing their pens back on the glass wipe board hook.

Of equal importance is the space-saving benefit of your marker tray hook-over. Sitting flush to the wipe board, this neat accessory is the simplest but most useful of additions to everyone’s wipe board experience.

Simply Glass Hook Over

Manufactured in brushed aluminium, our Simply Glass hook-over product can be doubled or trebled up to give you more storage space across the top edge of the wipe board. They have been designed uniquely for the purpose of hooking over our range of magnetic, clear, and frosted wipe boards, giving a secure and neat solution to storing marker pens and other paraphernalia.

Used in conjunction with the magnetic marker tray, you have all the resources you need to keep your presentation area neat and tidy, with marker pens and erasers conveniently located and close to hand during presentations and seminars.

To this end, the marker tray hook-over is instrumental to the cleanliness and tidiness of your wipe board presentation area. By storing markers and erasers in a dedicated space, you can avoid the messy and disorganised look of pens rolling around and cluttering up surrounding surfaces. There are fewer distractions for those who are participating in your presentation, as well as fewer distractions for those who are leading the seminar – particularly if they have a slight obsessive trait for tidiness and cleanliness.

Ultimately, it promotes a more professional and organised image of your company.

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