Mobile Glass Wipe Board – Landscape

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A protective seal that reduces Microbial properties and extends the life of surfaces.

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Wheeled Whiteboards with Stands!

Standing Whiteboard on Wheels!
Our free-standing Mobile Glass Wipe Board is the perfect solution for those who need to make presentations in more than one room. It also allows you to store it away ready for your next presentation. Our standard glass whiteboards must be fixed to a wall or flat surface, whereas our mobile glass whiteboard with wheels can be moved around easily.

The frame is manufactured in powder coated steel to a dark grey colour with four braked wheels and the glass writing surfaces are available in our standard colour range. The glass boards are made from toughened safety glass.

Features of Our Whiteboard with Wheels

The overall size of the Landscape Mobile Glass Wipe Board is 1500mm x 1934mm with the glass writing surface size being 1500mm x 1000mm and come in our range of colours. The boards are double sided, i.e., you can write on either side. The attached pen shelf runs through to both sides, too it’s like having two glass wipe boards in one moveable frame. 

Why We Coat Our Whiteboards on Wheels with Anti-Microbial Coating

Our anti-microbial coating is a non-hazardous, water-based seal that protects your glass mobile display boards. It reduces microbial properties by a massive 72.9% making it more hygienic.

Its long-lasting bond reduces cleaning cycles and reduces the need to use harsh chemicals for cleaning. The coating safeguards the glass against wear and tear, extending the life of standing whiteboard surfaces.

Lastly, the Mobile Glass Wipe Board is environmentally friendly composition minimises its ecological footprint whilst maximising its impact on safety.

Accessories for Your Free-Standing Whiteboard

To make the most of your brand-new whiteboard on a stand, you’ll need the right accessories to go with it. Fortunately, you can purchase a range of glass wipe board accessories right here on our website.

Why Choose the Free-Standing Whiteboard? 

The toughened safety glass that’s used in the manufacturing of our boards meets the European Standard EN12150 Class 1, so you can rest assured that you’re being provided with a quality solution. Similarly, our white boards on wheels are made using 25% recycled glass, and we’re able to colour match your brand. 

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Delivery is Included

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NOTE – delivery will be palletised; you must be able to accept this type of delivery when ordering. Please contact us if this is a problem. 

Quality and Durability Combined

From businesses to schools, a whiteboard with a stand has proved to be a successful addition to all manner of presentational environments. This is especially true of our mobile solutions, as they allow for optimised flexibility and extended use.

The white boards on wheels are crafted from exceptionally resistant safety glass. Consequently, they’re sure to last and offer flexible presentation options for areas with limited space. Make seminars, speeches, and meetings all the more interactive with our colour glass writing boards on wheels.

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